Webinar: Also looking for affordable higher efficiency and availability for your ICT network? Meet the new NETGEAR M4350 Series


Due to the increasing use of cloud applications within SMEs, a company is becoming increasingly dependent on a stable network with a high uptime. As you have all experienced, the IT network is the backbone of your business and its performance is critical.

In practice, it appears that due to video applications, for example, the links between switches can often form a bottleneck and hinder your network performance. Fortunately, the just launched NETGEAR M4350 series switches offer an affordable solution to these problems in the form of higher up-link speeds such as 25Gbps in which we can also improve redundancy by means of. stacking

Be sure to register for our webinar before August 24 at 3:00 PM and discover in just half an hour how you, as a Reseller/VAR, can take your customer’s network to the next level with the NETGEAR M4350 stackable switches. We provide an informative and inspiring session, presented by our SE Gillian Roseval.

After registration you will receive an English confirmation with a link for the reservation in your agenda.

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