10 Reasons to choose NETGEAR Business Central


NETGEAR Business Central is a secure, cloud based IT service platform designed to provide small to mid-sized organisations with an affordable way to establish, provision and manage key IT networking services, effortlessly.

If you’ve never heard of NETGEAR’s Business Central, it is a Cloud managed WiFi solution that uses a single portal dashboard, bringing multiple sites, access points and users under one management umbrella within minutes. You can manage wireless SSIDs, control guest access on your network, and run bandwidth usage reports with a few clicks. Achieve full visibility of your network with real-time alerts to keep you in total control of evolving service needs from day one. With Wireless Manager managing your wireless network, you can focus on managing your business.

We’ve created multiple guides and insights into NETGEAR Business Central, and these can be found on the related products or within the features section of our website. For those of you who just want the quick and easy overview, below are the top 10 reasons to choose Business Central for your organisation.

10 Reasons to choose NETGEAR Business Central Wireless Manager

  • Secure web browser access offering anytime, anywhere management access eliminating the need for on-site premise support for configuration changes.
  • Private and public wireless control extends access to staff and guests alike on your terms, putting you in control of your network.
  • Fee-based or free access options allow you to generate income/return on investment and to monetise WiFi access for select users.
  • Single Sign On with MyNetgear.com simplifies ownership of all your NETGEAR products and services by bringing them all under one umbrella for registration and support purposes.
  • Pay-as-you-go licensing allows you to optimise your IT budgets and only pay for what you need, when you need it.
  • Wireless manager is a controller-less service. This makes for an easier, faster, better deployment set up with an intuitive web browser with no management hardware to install, configure or maintain.
  • Co-termination licensing management ensure you always have one end date for all licenses regardless of the number of APs in your network, placing you firmly in control of IT budget and renewal timelines. As you add, move and change APs, know exactly when your licenses will run out and get 30 days notification to help plan renewals.
  • Robust wireless security delivers truly unified wired and wireless access without compromising on security through use of identity-based support for RADIUS, Active Directory and internal/external AAA servers.
  • Automated load balancing helps you deliver better customer service and customer satisfaction with minimal configuration time required from IT staff for a balanced network. Ensure even distribution of clients amongst deployed APs.
  • Flexible Deployment Scalability. Scale the network to support anything from 1 AP on one site to thousands of APs across multiple sites.